4 Reasons you Need to Define your Personal Brand Essence

Personal brand essence is defined as those core characteristics that interpret the brand and distinguishes it from its competitors. Those intrinsic qualities of the brand are what the brand ends up being known for. For example, Oprah Winfrey is known for her Empathy.

Here are four reasons why you should identify your personal brand essence.

1. To Look Different From Your Competitor

Since my focus is on personal brands, my goal is to capture a person’s brand essence by first identifying the qualities in that person that other people notice about them the most. So, the first reason to identify your brand essence is that the unique qualities in you set you apart from the brands that are similar to you. 

You have to be on a quest to discover not only what those primary characteristics in you are but what your ideal client wants to relate to you the most. 

Let’s say someone’s characteristics are humorous and witty, they exude joy in the present moment and yet are also highly calculated in how they do things. What do they do? 

  • Are they a Lifecoach?
  • A Financial Strategist?
  • Or a Physical Trainer?

Any one of these professions can have all of these attributes but what they put the most emphasis on is what your “dream client” will appreciate the most. If your financial planner enjoys working with people who are also strategic then the primary message should be about how calculated they are. However, if they prefer to work with clients who need peace of mind and have a lighthearted and easygoing attitude then maybe humor and wit are more appropriate to attract those types of clients. 

2. Shows you are a genuine person

Running your business on a daily basis can be quite vulnerable. Often times we end up feeling like we have to act a specific way or do what we think others want us to do just to fit in. Going through the process of defining your brand essence helps us see who we are from a different perspective. From our client’s point of view, we start to realize that our uniqueness is actually a good thing.

Being totally okay with who you are and true to your word actually makes running the business, especially marketing, much easier. People can always sense when others are being fake or putting up a front. Therefore, if your personal brand essence is authentic then people will not only like you better but they will appreciate it.

3. Illustrates what it’s like to work with you

Your personal brand essence emphasizes what it will be like to work with you as a business professional. And, it actually creates a visual in the minds-eye of your potential clients. Not only by presenting your physical appearance to them but by how you illustrate them and showcase your essence. If your messaging (photographs, content, posts, etc) is consistent and shows you are a person with authenticity, they will absolutely want to work with you.

4. Your personal brand essence makes you appear more confident 

Lastly, if you spend the time identifying and defining your personal brand essence you will appear more confident. Not just because what you state is true but also because what you state in your messaging has conviction about what you believe about yourself. That has real credence. When we show off our confidence we’ll state what our capabilities are but true confidence is totally within. When people can sense that you are comfortable with yourself they will absolutely believe in you.

personal brand essence


I hope this tip on uncovering your essence helps you get a little closer when you begin to define your personal brand.

Like and let me know below what your primary characteristics are in your brand. AND, If you need help uncovering what your essence is then you can set up a complimentary Brand Strategy Session

Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo is an enthusiastic photographer who is hired by businesswomen that don’t feel like they stand out in their industry because they're not visually connecting to their ideal customer. They want beautiful photographs that authentically illustrate their brand message so they can attract new clients.

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