Build Your Personal Brand with 4 types of relationships

Different kinds of relationships that build your personal brand

On your journey to build your personal brand, you probably think your online presence is an accurate interpretation of your brand.  It certainly is the visual part of what your brand stands for. On the other hand, what has molded your brand are the relationships you’ve developed while creating it. If you are at a point in your business development in which you want to make a bigger impact on your audience and your community, then you must consider all the relationships you have. Your public persona is molded by how you, and your brand, relates to all the people of influence in your circle. Think about these types of relationships directly in order to build your personal brand.

1. The relationship to your competition

Using your competition to acknowledge how different you are to them rather than how worse they are to you is always the best course of action. In my opinion, it’s just sleazy to bad mouth your competition. Maybe that’s just me and what I advocate as a brand. I love the work of many photographers and gain a ton of inspiration from them; Sue Bryce, Lindsey Adler, are some of my favorite beauty and fashion photographers. Brittany App and Andrea Fine are some of my local favorites. I’ve developed some great friendships and even got to do some collaborative work with Andrea.

When you state your unique character and attributes not only will you appear more genuine but you will present yourself with more integrity.  In a competitive society and marketing play-field, you’ll be more like if you understand the rules of sportsmanship and shout “Hoorah!” now and then for those doing just what you do.

2. Your relationships with other brands

We put a lot of focus on the brands that compete with us and strategize on how we can appear different from them. However, we forget about the other brands that complement us. Having and building relationships with these brands can really help grow your business. Think about other companies that are looking for similar customers as your brand. Maybe they are fashion brands or wellness brands. They offer completely different products or services as you but they speak to the same or similar audience.

It is also important to think of your ideal customers and the brands they like, follow and interact with regularly. A business coach or marketing coach are great referral partners for me, so why wouldn’t I develop relationships with those brands. Advocating these kinds of brands will put you right in front of your potential customer and help you build your brand.

build your personal brandBrands that work as an accessory or add-on to your own product or service are also important brands you want relationships with. A great example of this is my direct team. I work with great style consultants and makeup artists.

Boasting other brands as a “must-have,” especially popular ones, will get you further reach and recognition. Advocating brands that have the same customers you do, also increases your customer reach. In fact, if you collaborate with them on a project, you’ll get better visibility and more credibility. Finally, if you work with other types of businesses that are not your employees then bragging about them supports you and their business. 

3. How you relate to yourself and your own brand

Knowing yourself is the first step in confidently sharing who you are with the world. Many of us, however, really struggle with this. Mostly, because we are not really sure who we are. Personally, I feel this is the most exciting and scary place to be. You can create your Image any way you want. Understanding what makes you unique and how the Image should be presented to a client you want to attract to build your brand is a really good beginning. Although, to become a brilliant brand you need to be that brand. Once it is defined you must walk into its shoes, believe it, breathe it, own it, and live it.

4. Relationship to your fans

A brand is developed by people who view it, interact with it, and make their opinion about it.  If this is the case, your relationship with your potential customers has the biggest impact to build your personal brand. The way you speak to people and share your ideas, whether sharing online or speaking live at a venue, communicate your knowledge, your personality, your values, and much more. Understanding your relationship with your fan base will allow you to speak more genuinely about who you are. It will allow you to find your true voice to those people who are interested in what you do and what you have to say.

If you have any insights or if I’ve missed any other kinds of relationships you should have in order to build your personal brand please share a comment below. And of course, if you need help with the development of your own Brand Image and/or would like it captured photographically at your best, give me a call today. (805) 440-3655

Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo is an enthusiastic photographer who is hired by businesswomen that don’t feel like they stand out in their industry because they're not visually connecting to their ideal customer. They want beautiful photographs that authentically illustrate their brand message so they can attract new clients.

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