Megan Barnhard

This girl is calling in her soulmate clients!

Megan is committed to helping passion-fueled business owners get their messaging and copy dialed in so they can call in more of the clients they’re meant to serve and help more people heal, transform, and thrive. I believe that entrepreneurs led by love — especially women — will change the world with their words. Through connected copy and content, they’ll not only help more people, they’ll also spread light on the internet, thus shaping our shared culture in profound ways. 

 She is Playful, Passionate, Creative, and Curious. What is more important to Megan is Love, Learning, Creativity, Authenticity, and Spirituality.

“I write from the heart with flow that calls in your soulmate clients, while feeling joyful, in flow, and energized.”

Megan and I had so many ideas on how to illustrate her brand, from writing in journals, showcasing her new opt-in and programs on her website, “lifting” a client up towards success, and of course jumping and laughing and being in flow and joy. She is the most amazing high energy person I know and her excitement was addicting. So much so that I captured her essence spot on.

Some of the benefits she offers her clients are creating a personalized writing content that is clear, compelling, and concise.

You can find Megan Barnhard at
FB: WriteInFlowWithMegan
IN: @writewithmegan

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