Mary Uebersax

Ariel’s optimism comes up from the depths and moves into a new realm

Mary Uebersax is a brilliant entrepreneur on the Central Coast of California. She is a retailer and owns EarthTones Gifts, an inspirational, new age gift shop and gallery with an array of healing services and events.

” life is mystical, needs to be shared, a pallet of joy, a pallet of emotions we create.”

Mary is also a holistic healer where she serves people who need to resolve the stress of daily life by helping them build forward momentum to allow for healing. As a healer she is pragmatic and incorporates whole balance therapies such as walking meditation, and the melt method.

She resonates with Ariel, but mostly Waterstone’s mermaid, in which she channels back to the community. The archetype being  a symbol of becoming a light-worker moving into 7th density.

The brand we wanted to capture for Mary was to showcase her as not only a business leader but a futurist and optimist. We photographed at multiple locations in San Luis Obispo County including the Octagonal Barn, Bliss cafe, Mission Plaza arena
and the creek in downtown SLO.

You can find Mary Uebersax at
The Melt Method
IN: @earthtonegifts

Makeup By: Tami Bernard Makeup

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