Janet Hilts

Janet Hilts is a life coach specializing in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She does perspective coaching with women to help them flip their old emotional patterns and open up to new possibilities so they can live the life they crave. She uses rapid-change techniques that create lasting results.

Her mission is to help make women as happy, peaceful and fulfilled as they can possibly be in their day-to-day lives. Dissatisfied women who are willing to be self-aware.

“I intend to reach thousands of women internationally with group coaching, books, videos and products.”

Janet brings 100% of the best in herself when she works with her clients and strives to reach their emotional goals in the fastest, most painless way possible. She is honest and direct, but gentle with you.

One of the things that resonated with me the most was the amount of compassion she had for her clients. So much so that I really wanted to capture her warmth and how much of a heart based business she was. I instructed her in several poses to put her hands over her heart and let me tell you each time she did it, I melted. After I delivered her photos and she started to share them on her social media, her clients absolutely loved them. She was so funny when she told me that she thought they may appear corny but in fact just the opposite happened.

With broad life experience and skilled coaching techniques, she helps women create the emotional life they crave. By gently offering new perspectives to replace old patterns, and using rapid-change tools, her clients return to a place of choice in their life. No longer driven by old emotional baggage, they can move towards any goal they desire — from large achievements to peaceful day-to-day small victories.

Janet is now fully retied and living her dream life in Mexico. You can finder her on Instagram @janet_hilts

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