Authenticity, compassion, Focus, fun, balance, equality, leadership, positive role model, free spirited. These are just some of the attributes that we came up with for Grace Cutler when defining her brand.

An Authentic Brand

Once a theme is developed during the defining of a brand the overall goal is to capture the persona of that brand. In this way people associate those primary characteristics when they see the persons face and/or hear or think of their name.

Grace Cutler, is an amazing young woman with loads of aspirations and goals. She is striving to pursue a professional career in soccer and wants to attract interest in potential sponsorships, and of course fans. With Grace I decided to create a key archetypal theme that represented her overall persona. Though she is wanting to showcase her interest in soccer and what is happening in her career as she develops more and more fans, we didn’t want every image in her portfolio be about soccer. It was important to tell the whole story about who Grace is and what she stands for.

 The Authentic Guru

Grace is a free thinker. She has an intelligent opinion about many things and will not waiver from her beliefs, which makes her steadfast. Creating an authentic brand is essential when I work with all my clients. However, Grace is a millennial that understands the importance of being herself. She is a very accomplished and skillful soccer player. She is also logical and very creative. Overall she just comes across innately wise. You can sense that the moment you start a conversation with her. For someone just a few years younger than me, okay more than 30 I won’t lie, I can totally look up to her and trust her. She told me a story that one of her coaches always referred to her as her Kumbaya Girl. This popular American folk song from the 1920s, sung around the campfire, has come to represent moments of harmony and unity. Hearing this I can just imagine how her teammates have come to trust her and look to her for advice. She is the girl her coach see’s as bringing peace and unity between others.

The Authentic Guru is only one archetype I pulled from her top attributes. There are many characteristics to Grace we wanted to showcase, but it is impossible to incorporate them all into one portrait. A complete portfolio of images is what elicits all of these characteristics to create a more authentic profile of who she is and what she stands for.


Ones profile is defined by their overall characteristics and values. Once the keywords are highlighted, we look at how feeling & mood, poses & expression, clothing, environment & symbolism all play together to evoke each of these characteristics. Check out a small sampling of Grace’s lovely portfolio below.

You can find More of Grace Cutler on Instagram @gracecutler

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