Beth McGill

From Corporate to Casual. A Good looking Lifestyle Brand.

Beth McGill is the coolest chick I know. She is the epitome of a successful business entrepreneur. I met her several years ago to showcase her as a brilliant financial expert and teacher. “I love teaching,” she said. Teaching others was important to her.  Not only did she want to help people with their finances but also empower and inspire others to have more joy, positivity, purpose, and passion for their life. She came to me to help her capture a fantastic looking lifestyle brand where she could use these images in her blog and her marketing.

Within a year she started her new brand Thrive Flourish Grow.  It was hard for her to know how to present her brand when you have two completely different sides you’re working with. Since we had already done professional business shots several years earlier it was time to really focus on her. Her stories with Thrive Flourish Grow will inspire and uplift women who are struggling with their daily grind. Overcoming adversity is something we all must do to move forward. Therefore, she has a passion to share how to overcome these obstacles we all face. Her lifestyle brand is the perfect role model for living a life you love. It is her love of the outdoors, the beach, surfing, and beautiful gardens that we decided would be the focus of her photography session.

“I fell into teaching third grade and I loved it. It was my passion for more than 20 years… I wanted to transform education and inspire other teachers that they could teach outdoors too.”

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