Angel Cottrell

Apollo Consulting is the Angel that saves businesses.

I met Angel at a NAWBO event where I was presenting How to Develop a Brilliant Brand and she instantly stood out to me. She has an amazing sense of style. On a very hot day in Bakersfield, CA, she was wearing a gorgeous suit, matching shoes, and hand bag, plus, all the jewelry. She was showing up as the professional she truly is.

I think what made me stand out to Angel was the fact that I announced to everyone how she stood out. With most people in the room wearing shorts and casual wear at a business luncheon, putting a hot day aside, Angel stood out. I was instantly attracted to the fact that she was already living her brand, and so I called her out. It’s hard for me to be quiet about that sort of thing when I’m talking about branding.

“To experience significant change you must be willing to change significantly.”

Who She Is

Angel is a true Angel by many people who are in business. Angel Cottrell of Apollo Consulting is a strategist and coach who helps propel businesses and organizations forward to experience the greatest version of their grandest vision.

Angel saves businesses out of sheer turmoil. Not start-ups but companies making millions that are struggling with their own growth. She basically gets people back on track and their head in the game. Helping them acknowledge and understand patterns of behavior when challenges arise. This way she can open them up to an opportunity that sustains them in business.

How We Defined Her

Now that I knew what she did, we needed to decide how her ideal customer should feel about her the moment they see her. Part of this process is know who her ideal customer is and what makes her unique. We narrowed down and chose 4 of her top personal characteristics and 5 of her top values to help create her brand persona.


  • Knowledgeable
  • Insightful
  • Open
  • Empathetic


  • Strategic
  • Passion
  • Competitive
  • Confident
  • Focused

We defined her persona as personable, passionate, insightful and empathic, knowledgable, focused and accessible.

Angel’s mission is to ignite the passion, confidence, and love of the business back to the entrepreneur. To experience the greatest version of their grandest vision.

She promises to give her clients the ability to understand and get clarity on what needs to change. By supporting them in successfully making the necessary changes in perception and behaviors to make it happen.

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