Headshot vs brand photography, revealing the true story

The primary difference between getting a professional headshot vs brand photography is time and quantity. Of course, it depends on the photographer and what they offer. Typically, a headshot session will be less involved and a lot quicker than a branding session. My headshot sessions last from 60-90 minutes. I usually showcase 20-30 images, and people choose 6-10 final portraits. 

Brand photography will supply a marketer with a generous amount of imagery to use for their business outreach. I take each client through a branding process and deliver 50-60 final photographs. Therefore, more time is required before the photography begins. On the day of the photoshoot, the session can last up to 5 hours.

When a business becomes a brand

A business might begin the day you officially get your license. However, the brand begins the moment you make your first transaction or your first 30-sec elevator pitch. It then develops based on the clients you work with and how they feel about you based on how you present yourself as a business professional and leader to your peers and your target audience.

A great headshot, as well as brand photography, will positively influence your brand. People want to do business with real people. Without the visuals to illustrate who you are and how you do it, you’re not making a bold impact. For someone who has not met you in person, not having those visuals may give them the impression that you are new or not serious about your business. 

How a Headshot Influences your Brand

A great headshot will mold your brand. All business owners need a professional headshot. If not to show people what you look like, then to make yourself appear more professional. If you present yourself with a professional portrait, others will see you more seriously. The right headshot will put the face to the brand. It will also make you more approachable and more hireable. 

How you present yourself in your headshot is critical. A headshot is successful when you know what you want to accomplish and who you want to attract. Nuances from your smile to your wardrobe make a difference. To understand more on this topic read my blog on the Anatomy of an Effective Headshot. 

How Brand Photography Influences your Brand

Personal brand photography is storytelling. Lifestyle photography showing you as the star of your own business. This process is more involved, and a qualified photographer should know ahead of time what their client’s goals are and what makes them unique. 

As a brand photographer, I begin walking every client through a procedure to understand their brand persona and how they want their audience to feel when they first see them. I create a blueprint that helps me create a key shot list based on the editorial stories they want to tell. 

These types of portraits are intended for illustrating narratives about your brand story. The primary purpose is for content marketing utilized on social media and email marketing. Brand photography is an excellent way to connect an audience to a brand on an emotional level. Overall this will create more followers and loyal customers.

Should I get a headshot first or brand photography?

How you plan on marketing yourself and knowing what your budget is will determine where to begin. Personal brand photography will be an investment. But keep in mind that brand photography will give you everything you need for your marketing. These include multiple headshots, 3/4, full-body, in all orientations. Plus, enough photographs to consistently post on social media for 6-12 months. 

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below or give us a call at 805-440-3655. 

Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo
Gina Cinardo is an enthusiastic photographer who is hired by businesswomen that don’t feel like they stand out in their industry because they're not visually connecting to their ideal customer. They want beautiful photographs that authentically illustrate their brand message so they can attract new clients.

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