Gina Cinardo is an enthusiastic essence photographer that specializes in personal branding.

She is hired by entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level with beautiful brand photography. 

With a degree in Fine Art Photography and a strong working background in visual marketing, she understands the importance of making a great first impression to attract a target audience.

Gina has been doing photography professionally for over 30 years. She is not only a portrait photographer but also a brand strategist and marketing specialist.

Developing a brilliant brand doesn’t just mean we’re creating a great looking identity that sells a service or commodity. It’s really important for me to emphasize what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to help people realize their true essence IS what helps them sell their service or commodity. Effective marketing requires taking off the mask and revealing the true beauty of who you are. 

Of course, a great portrait is not the only thing that does this. It is everything about you and your story that does. I help you create the illustrations for your story. 

My purpose as an essence photographer is to show you the Greatness of You, that will help you become who you are really meant to be. It is only then that you can communicate it to your audience with an authentic brand voice. 

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PHONE: (805) 440-3655

“My mission is to support the next generation of heart-based women leaders into the new millennia with exceptional portrait photography. Those who have a passion to serve others, whether they are 27 or 67.”

“Gina Cinardo can capture a real and unique perspective of an individual person in a real moment. This is the essence of humanity that we all relate to and empathize with. Gina has a knack for drawing out ones spirit.  She just makes people feel very comfortable when being photographed.”

Gina CinardoI was inspired by my mother, Jinny Cinardo, the artist, and my father, Nick Cinardo, the photographer. My fondest memories growing up consisted of playing dress-up and modeling for a family photoshoot. The entire family, even my brother on some occasions would dress up for the photoshoot. They were always themed and in my pre-teen modeling “career” I was a bar-maid, cowgirl, southern belle, clown, and victorian beauty. The purpose of each photoshoot was so that my Dad could capture pictures that my Mom could paint. Growing up in Los Angeles made this even more fun because Dad was well connected. Which means we could utilize the wardrobe department at NBC.

When my parents “split-up” in the early ’80s, my mother moved my brother and me to Arizona. From that point on family bonding with Dad was pretty much over. I’m not sure if I became a photographer because I wanted to follow in his footsteps or just have a reason to connect with him.

After I graduated from college I was commissioned to photograph a men’s aftershave called Quarterdek. For several months my father and I collaborated on how I should photograph it. The weekend came and though my Dad was on a camping trip he still managed to check in and see how all the tests were going. This was not so easy in pre-cellphone days. I don’t want to elaborate on this tragic story, so to make it brief here is what happened that changed my life forever. Our last conversation the night before the photoshoot was “I’ll talk to you on Monday and let you know how it went”. That night he died in a car accident coming back from his camping trip. I was in utter shock and yet the next day, under a cloud of tears, I still managed to photograph the project.

I am not even sure why I feel it’s important to tell this story but what I do is a huge part of my life and I love it. My fondest memories of family revolved around photography. I guess in some weird way being a working photographer brings me closer to my father. When I focus on the project and what needs to be done to tell the story I hear him and me in a deep discussion trying to decipher the best way to capture it.