5 Easy Steps to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Blueprint

personal branding

Personal branding requires creating a dynamic Brand Blueprint

Understanding the importance of what your brand means is the first step in knowing your true self and living an authentic life.

Constructing the blueprint is a combination of parts that are essential to understanding what your personal brand means to you and your audience. All branding photography sessions include working with you to dive deep into understanding your brand before we ever take a photograph. However, you may also go through the process on your own or sign up for a four-week program with a small dedicated group of individuals working through the same process.

Becoming the brand is the key to allowing yourself true expansion as a human being. 

40% | Brand Persona: 

Defining your brand persona begins by exploring what makes you unique and tick as a human being. Refining your most dominant characteristics and how you’re perceived by your audience, as well as the values that are most important to you and how they relate to your offer, customers, and purpose. Developing your brand persona is the most critical step in becoming a brand. When you express your true voice you will attract the people you want to work with. Why? because they will have similar values to yours which will intensely resonate with them.

10% | Profiling/Customer Persona:

Knowing who you want to serve is an essential step to branding yourself effectively.  This is not about itemizing out their demographics. Rather,  this is creating a detailed profile about who they are and how they feel about the world around them. We intensely explore psychographic and social/cultural views of why your clients need you. Identifying what emotionally triggers them the most. 

10% | Value and Benefits:

This process entails itemizing all the benefits you offer to show your clients how valuable you really are. We help you get down to the nitty-gritty details from the most obvious to the simplest. In some cases, the simplest benefit may end up providing the most value to your customer. For example, the fact that you may be able to work your brilliance virtually. 

20% | Brand Narrative:

Your personal brand narrative is a visual investigation into storytelling and content strategy. Communicating your authentic depth and integrity of the brand and its relationship to your consumer is through the stories you tell. The stories shared are the ideas, experiences, and values that represent the true essence of you and your brand.

10% | Constructing the Brand Blueprint:

Pulling everything together to finalize the visual nature of the brand, from the colors and symbols to the actual vibe you want to give off as the immediate identifier of the brand. As well as understanding what primary messages you will present as part of your story.

Self-Guided Brand Blueprint

This self-guided process takes you through each of the steps above in detail. Once each module is complete you will be able to piece the blueprint together that shows you how to begin expressing yourself to your audience.


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Brand Blueprint Collective

The process of personal branding is not always easy. Being able to see ourselves objectively through the eyes of others can be a great benefit.

This is a six-week course with 4-5 people.  Gina will teach you the elements of developing a brilliant brand and guide you through the steps. Having accountability and unbiased opinions of others is an excellent way to allow you to tap into your true essence.

  • Five online modules which include instructions, video tutorials, and questionnaires
  • Six virtual group meetings
  • Two one-to-one consultations with Gina
  • Accountability, feedback, and lasting friendships


Our module is almost complete. Please sign up below for more information.

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